Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil
  • Silky texture
  • Soap-free
200ml and 500ml

Daily hygiene care for atopic and very dry skin. Infants, children, adults.

  • Emollient, silky texture. Soap-free
  • Suitable for even the driest skin
Is it for me?

I have very dry skin or a tendancy to atopic skin and am looking for a product, preferably an oil, that hydrates ma skin in the shower already.
For atopic skin : PO SCORAD

How to use it?

Gently massage into a lather on damp skin under the shower. Rinse and dry the skin without rubbing. Face and body.


Rhealba® Oat Plantlets Extract → Calms irritations and soothes the skin

Gentle cleansing base (pH 5.5) → Gently cleanses the skin

"Filaxérine®, a unique combination of an inducing substance of filaggrin and omega-6 essential fatty acids → Helps restore the cutaneous barrier"

Glycérine → Hydrate

The dermatologist's word

"Very dry skin with/without a tendancy to atopic skin needs an adapted hygiene care product in addition to your usual skin care product."

My A-DERMA skin care ritual

1I clean my skin
2I take care of my skin
3I take care of my skin in winter
4I complete my skin care program

Cleansing Oil